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2016 (Volume 41)

Ensar Yılmaz A Methodological Dialogue on Social Justice

2015 (Volume 40)

Þórólfur Matthíasson Six myths and few facts, Recovery of the Icelandic economy post October 2008

Nina Drange Crowding out Dad? The Effect of a Cash-for-Care Subsidy on Family Time Allocation

David Chavanne, Kevin A. McCabe, Maria Pia Paganelli Are Self-Made Men Made Equally? An Experimental Test of Impartial Redistribution and Perceptions of Self-Determination

Kalle Moene The Bargaining Society: An essay in memory of LJ

2014 (Volume 39)

Jukka Lassila  and  Tarmo Valkonen  Health and Long-Term Care Expenditure in Finland When Living Alone Increases

Solveig Glestad Christiansen Household and family development in the Nordic Countries: An overview

Niku Määttänen The welfare effects of the Finnish survivors’ pension scheme

Rasmus Højbjerg Jacobsen and Svend E. Hougaard Jensen Changing Age and Household Patterns: Implications for Welfare Costs in Denmark 1982 – 2007

2013 (Volume 38)

Sebastian Galiani and Federico Weinschelbaum Social Status and Corruption

Christian Hagist, Bernd Raffelhüschen, Alf Erling Risa and Erling Vårdal Long-Term Fiscal Effects of Public Pension Reform in Norway – A Generational Accounting Analysis

Erling Barth, Alexander W. Cappelen and Tone Ognedal Fair Tax Evasion

Astri Drange Hole How do economists differ from others in distributive situations?

2012 (Volume 37)

Trygve Haavelmo Equations vs: Identities in Macroeconomics

André K. Anundsen, Tord S. Krogh, Ragnar Nymoen and Jon Vislie The Macroeconomics of Trygve Haavelmo

Sheetal K. Chand The Relevance of Haavelmo’s Macroeconomic Theorizing for Contemporary
Macro Policy Making

Kalle Moene Dissimilarities in Economic Evolution

Michael Hoel and Bjart Holtsmark Haavelmo on the Climate Issue

Niels Kærgård Haavelmo and Denmark

2010 (Volume 36)

Urs Steiner Brandt and Gert Tinggaard Svendsen The Survival of the Nordic Welfare State and Social Trust

Kari H. Eika Consumers of human services: powerless or poorly informed?

Ib E. Eriksen and Arild Sæther Keynesian economics and the Oslo School

Jon Hogan A Comparative Examination of the Nature of Change in Macroeconomic Policies


2009 (Volume 35)

Gil S. Epstein Willingness to Assimilate and Ethnicity

Alan Barrett and Adele Bergin Estimating the Impact of Immigration in Ireland

Jean-Philippe Platteau Political Instrumentalization of Religion: The Case of Islam

Ken Clark and Stephen Drinkwater The Labour Market Impact of Recent Immigration on Ethnic Groups in the UK


2008 (Volume 34)

Fulvio Castellacci Innovation in Norway in a European Perspective

Leif Helland and Jon Hovi Renegotiation Proofness and Climate Agreements: Some Experimental Evidence

Thorolfur Matthiasson Spinning out of control, Iceland in crisis


2007 (Volume 33)

Ib E. Eriksen, Tore Jørgen Hanisch, and Arild Sæther The Rise and Fall of the Oslo School

Einar Lie Economic History and Economic Theory

Eivind Merok and Nils August Andresen Back to the Future - the Marginal Utility of History in Economics


2006 (Volume 32)

Berk Özler and Giovanna Prennushi Toward Greater Global Equity

James A. Robinson Equity, Institutions and the Development Process

Lance Taylor and Codrina Rada Structural Change, Economic Policy, and Development

Channing Arndt, Sherman Robinson, and Finn Tarp Trade Reform and Gender in Mozambique

Mari Rege and Kjetil Telle Unaffected Strangers Affect Contributions

Karsten Staehr Linkages between Political and Economic Reforms in Post-Communist Countries

Bjørne Grimsrud and Torunn Kvinge Productivity Puzzles - should employee participation be an issue?


2005 (Volume 31)

Haakon O. Aa. Solheim Evaluating Macroeconomic Modelling with Regard to Usefulness: a Survey

Håvard Hegre Development and the Liberal Peace

Rita Asplund The Provision and Effects of Company Training: A Brief Review of the Literature

Rolf Jens Brunstad, Ivar Gaasland, and Erling Værdal Efficiency Losses in milk marketing boards - the importance of exports

Edvard Johansson An estimate of self-employment income-underreporting in Finland

Jo Thori Lind: Why is there so little redistribution?

2004 (Volume 30)

Torben M. Andersen Macroeconomics - Which Way Now?

Sheetal K. Chand Macroeconomics - Which Way Now? Old versus New Styles

Steinar Holden Behavioural Macroeconomics and the Aggregate Supply Puzzle

Michael Wallerstein Behavioral Economics and Political Economy

Bertil Tungodden Some Reflections on the Role of Moral Reasoning in Economics

Niklas Karlsson, George Loewenstein, and Jane McCafferty The Economics of Meaning

Sjur Didrik Flåm Social Insurance of Short Spell Sickness?

Morten Søberg Endogenous Market Institutions: Experimental Evidence

Jon Reiersen Status and Incentives

2003 (Volume 29)

Rune Jansen Hagen, Ottar Mæstad, and Arne Wiig Assessing the Economic Gains of Free Market Access for the Least Developed Countries of the QUAD

Per Botolf Maurseth Geography and Growth - Some Empirical Evidence

Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn Ekroll Stokke Learning and Foreign Technology Spillovers in Thailand: Empirical Evidence on Productivity Dynamics

Min Shi and Jakob Svensson Political Budget Cycles: A Review of Recent Development

Halvor Mehlum, Kalle Moene, and Ragnar Torvik Destructive Creativity

Agnar Sandmo Public Provision and Private Incentives

Anja Linder and Carlos Santiso Not Everything that Counts Can be Counted: A Critical Look at Risk Ratings and Governance Indicators

Erling Røed Larsen From Data to Decision: The Three Elements of Policymaking Illustrated by The Case of Global Warming


2002 (Volume 28)

Carl E. Gjersem Generational Accounting in the Nordic Countries

Reijo Vanne The Finnish Generational Accounting Revisited

Asta Herdis Hall and Solveig Frida Johannsdottir Generational Equality in Iceland

Svend E. Hougaard Jensen, Ulrik Nødgaard, and Lars Haagen Pedersen Fiscal Sustainability and Generational Burden Sharing in Denmark

Carl E. Gjersem A presentation of Generational Accounting in Norway

Bernd Raffelhüschen Generational Accounting - Quo Vadis?

Stephen Redding and Anthony J. Venables The Economics of Isolation and Distance

Kjetil Bjorvatn, Hans Jarle Kind, and Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås The Role of FDI in Economic Development

Xinshen Diao and Agapi Somwaru A Global Perspective of Liberalizing World Textile and Apparel Trade

Rune Jansen Hagen Marginalisation in the Context of Globalisation: Why Is Africa so Poor?

Esben Bergmann Schjüdt and Gert Tinggard Svendsen Transition to Market Economy in Eastern Europe: Interest Groups and Political Institutions in Russia


2001 (Volume 27)

Dag Morten Dalen, Espen R. Moen, and Christian Riis Public Ownership as a Signalling Device

Kjetil Bjorvatn Foreign Ownership and Market Entry

Dennis Leech Shareholder Voting Power and Corporate Governance: A Study of Large British Companies

Ø yvind Bøhren and Bernt Arne ødegaard Patterns of Corporate Ownership: Insights from a unique data set

Margaret M. Blair Team Production Theory and Corporate Law

Leo A. Grünfeld Technology Spillovers: A Motive for Foreign Direct Investment?

Avner Ben-Ner, Fanmin Kong, Tzu-Shian Han, Nien-Chi Liu, and Yong-Seung Park The Organization of Work: Changes and Their Consequences

Jon Hovi Decentralized Enforcement, Sequential Bargaining and the Clean Development Mechanism


2000 (Volume 26)

Anders Björklund and Markus Jäntti Intergenerational mobility of socio-economic status in comparative perspective

Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis Reciprocity, Self-Interest, and the Welfare State

Jean-Philippe Platteau Allocating and Enforcing Property Rights in Land: Informal versus Formal Mechanisms in Subsaharan Africa

Karine Nyborg and Inger Spangen Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Democratic Ideal

Oddbjørn Raaum and Tom Erik Aabø The Effect of Schooling on Earnings: Evidence on the role of family background from a large sample of Norwegian twins

Anders Bjørklund and Mårten Palme The Evolution of Income Inequality During the Rise of the Swedish Welfare State 1951 to 1973

Abhijit Banarjee The Two Poverties

Knut Røed and Tao Zhang What Hides Behind the Rate of Unemployment? Micro Evidence from Norway


1999 (Volume 25)

Jan Fagerberg Technology, Policy, Growth - Theory, Evidence and Interpretation

Philippe Aghion and Peter Howitt On the Macroeconomic Effects of Major Technological Change

Esben Sloth Andersen Multisectoral Growth and National Innovation Systems

Tor Jakob Klette and Jarle M&oshlash;en From Growth Theory to Technology Policy - Coordination Problems in Theory and Practice

Terje Lensberg Does Foreign R&D Competition Promote Domestic R&D?

Pedro B. Barros and Tore Nilssen The Effect of Firm Heterogeneity on R&D Competition

Carl Hampus Lyttkens Imperatives in Health Care: Implications for Social Welfare and Medical Technology

Ove Granstrand Intellectual Capitalism - An Overview


1997 (Volume 24)

Susan-Rose Ackerman Corruption, Inefficiency and Economic Growth

Karl Ove Moene and Sheetal K. Chand Breaking the Vicious Circle of the Predatory State

Mats Lundahl Inside the Predatory State: The rationale, methods, and economic consequences of kleptocratic regimes

Kai A. Konrad and Stergios Skaperdas Backing up Words with Deeds: Information and punishment in organized crime

Erling Eide The Economics of Crime: Main Problems and Some Solutions

Jean-Jacques Laffont Inflexible Rules Against Political Discretion

Helmuth Cremer and Firouz Gahvari Tax Competition and Tax Evasion

Paul Burrows A Deferential Role for Efficiency Analysis in Unravelling the Takings Tangle

Hans Aage Institutions and Performance in Transition Economies

Anders Chr. Stray Ryssdal Antitrust Enforcement Information and Incentive Problems

Jens Christopher Andvig Some International Dimensions to Economic Crime and Police Activity

Oded Stark Children and Distributional Justice: Comment


1996 (Volume 23)

Jon Elster Transmutation and Misrepresentation

Serge Christopher Kolm The Values of Liberty

John E. Roemer Equality versus Progress

Geir B. Asheim Ethical preferences in the presence of resource constraints

Kjell A. Brekke and Richard B. Howarth Is welfarism compatible with sustainability?

Gisle Palsson Commodity fiction and cod fishing

Bertil Tungodden Poverty and Justice: A Rawlsian Framework

Gaute Torsvik Why should Governments Redistribute Income?

Hilde Bojer Children and Distributional Justice

Ernst Fehr and Jean-Robert Tyran Institutions and Reciprocal Fairness

Oded Stark On the Evolution of Altruism

Ken Binmore Evolution of Fairness Norms


1995 (Volume 22)

Bo Gustafsson Foundations of the Swedish Model

Torben M. Andersen Unemployment Policy in the Welfare State

Asbjørn Rødseth Limits to Macroeconomic Intervention

Jonathon W. Moses The Fiscal Constraints on Social Democracy

Ottar Brox Full Employment and the Buffer Function

Karl Ove Moene and Michael Wallerstein Solidaristic Wage Bargaining

Douglas A. Hibbs, Jr. and Håkan Locking Solidarity Wage Policies and Industrial Productivity in Sweden

Andrew Glyn Social Democracy and Full Employment

Robin Naylor Unions in Decline?

John D. Stephens Preserving the Social Democratic Wefare State

Steinar Strøm and Elin Wiig Attacks on the Welfare State

Per Kleppe What Can Other Countries Learn From the Scandinavian Experience? I

Kåre Willoch What Can Other Countries Learn From the Scandinavian Experience? II